• Carson Chen
    Shanghai University of Electric Power
    Swimming Coach
    Hongqiao Campus
    Hi everybody! When I was a swimmer, my best years spanned from 1998 to 1999. In 1998, I swam in the national swimming championships competing in 200-meter backstroke achieving a silver medal. In 1999, I attended the national swimming championships competing in the 400-meter freestyle, in which I achieved bronze medal. But, now I have ‘graduated’ from competitive swimming and I now have 9 years swimming coaching experience. I love to teach kids how to swim at all levels and especially of how to go faster! I think you will enjoy in my lessons. Now in my free time I have fallen in love with the sport of fencing, I am actively engaged in pursuing taking this now to a competitive level. If you also interesting fencing, please come and talk to me and maybe we can participate together. Go SCIS!!!
  • Takeshi Haruki
    Hiroshima University
    Hongqiao Campus
    Hi! My name is Takeshi Haruki. I am from Hiroshima, Japan. I have taught geography and history (World history and Japanese history) for 11 years in public high school in Hiroshima. This year, I was sent to SCIS as an intern by Hiroshima Board of Education. I am going to study about IB program (DP and MYP, especially, teaching methods and skills) in SCIS. Therefore, I will observe a lot of classes in order to study IB program. I will stay until the end of December (for about 5 months) in Shanghai. I am going to work hard to acquire a lot of good teaching methods and skills. Please talk to me anytime, if you are interested in Japanese history or culture. I am looking forward to talk with you.
  • Cheryl Philp
    Aberdeen College
    Head of Aquatics
    Hongqiao Campus
    I am delighted to be a part of this great caring and nurturing school. I am thoroughly looking forward to push forward with all aspects of the swimming program for all ages and stages. This is my 15th year within swimming teaching and coaching, within these years I have been fortunate enough to have worked in Scotland (my home country), America and China. As a swimming coach my primary focus is providing a fluid swimming program that has the focus of the swimmers long term plan as an athlete, at the heart of program. Within the Swim Team we strive to ensure that through participation in the swimming team that we can aid development within the following attributes: time management skills, dedication, perseverance and being able to set realistic and achievable goals. I hope that we can prove to our students that with a combination of these attributes paired with a positive & open mind-set that these lessons that we can learn through sport can help us live a life without limitations, now and in the future. Within my down time I enjoy living life to the full and taking every opportunity to interact with nature and people who provide me with positive energy. A day spend outside being active with people I love is my idea of the perfect day. I also believe in laughter (usually loudly) and keeping your mind open and bright as good ways to live well. I look forward to getting to know each and every one of the families here at SCIS.