• Jeffrey Benson
    MA History from Western Oregon
    IB History, TOK, World History Grades 10-12
    Pudong Upper School
    Greetings, my name is Jeffrey Benson, and I enjoy teaching history. I like history so much I decided to get a BA and MA in history. One day I hope to take my passion for history to the University level. In addition, to being a history nerd, I also enjoy the subjects of English literature, Theory of Knowledge, International Macro-Economics and World Religions. Several enjoyable recreational activities include tennis, track & Field, hiking, biking, walking, volleyball, American football, basketball and softball. Previously, I have taught in the Arctic Circle of Alaska, Oregon (my home state), South Korea, and Kuwait. I'm a married man to a beautiful, amazing woman from Lima, Perú. I'm excited to be working at SCIS and both me and my wife, Nilda, hope to be positive contributing factors in the educational growth of the student body at SCIS.
  • Etienne Bilz
    Queen's University
    Physics and Mathematics Teacher
    Pudong Upper School
    I grew up in the small village of Lanark, Ontario and attended high school in the nearby town of Perth. I studied physics at the University of Guelph and then completed the one-year Bachelor of Education program at Queen’s University. My first full-time teaching position was at Rothesay Netherwood School, an independent school for Grades 6 to 12, in New Brunswick, where I taught physics for 5 years. I then taught IB Physics and Mathematical Studies at Istanbul International Community School for two years. In the year prior to joining SCIS, I worked at both a Sylvan Learning Centre and Prometric Test Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia. In my spare time, I enjoy playing the piano, and my favorite sports are badminton and squash. I am very excited about joining the SCIS community and teaching physics and mathematics at the Pudong Upper School campus. I am also excited about living in China for the first time and taking advantage of opportunities to explore the country while I am here.
  • Suzanne Byerly
    Pudong Upper School
    Although I am an American, I attended the American International School in Vienna, Austria, from grades four through twelve, and was therefore blessed with the opportunity to interact with people from all over the world. I was always intrigued with the stories my friends told me about their countries. So, when I graduated from the University of North Florida, I jumped at the chance to embark on another international experience. An English teaching job in Seoul, South Korea, promised a year of adventure and excitement. There, in this environment that gave me the opportunity to learn about other cultures, I developed a passion for helping my students achieve beyond what they formerly thought impossible. Thus began my international teaching career, and since then I have also taught in Florida, Kuwait, and Eritrea. And now I am excited to be starting my third year at SCIS!
  • Amadea Chen
    Anhui Normal University
    Mandarin Teacher
    Pudong Upper School
    Hello, my name is Amadea Chen and I am one of the upper school Mandarin teachers on the Pudong campus. I have been teaching at SCIS since 2009. I received my Bachelor degree in English from Anhui Normal University and also did my teacher training there. I love students, school and education. That’s the reason I chose to be a teacher. I enjoy the time with my students and feel very proud of them as they learn to use Chinese to express themselves. I also appreciate the opportunity to introduce my own country and its culture to students from all over the world, as well as helping them gain a better understanding of China. Hopefully the students will also have more convenience in their daily life here as they learn the language. I am very excited for another great year here at SCIS! Goooo Dragons!
  • Chandler Dayton
    Montana State University & Kansas City Art Institute
    Art Teacher
    Pudong Upper School
    Since 2009, Ms. Dayton has been teaching Visual Art at SCIS Pudong. The art program has grown tremendously in that time with new classrooms and a dedicated art gallery and a new program, IB Visual Arts. Helping students find hidden talents, learn and develop art skills, become 'art aware', learn to talk about art with critical and independent voices are all important aspects of her program. Shanghai is a vibrant city for the arts with many venues for seeing quality artworks from artists around the world, and field trips to important exhibitions are always available. In her spare time, Ms Dayton takes art classes, and enjoys what the city has to offer.
  • Christopher Demas
    Louisiana State University
    MYP Instrumental Music, MYP Choral Music
    Pudong Upper School
    I started playing piano in group piano class at the age of four in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Eventually, I moved to private lessons continuing through high school. In fourth grade, my school offered an after school activity for band class and I started playing trumpet. As I progressed into high school I finally was able to join band as a class for the first time where I played the French Horn. I attended Louisiana State University and studied with Seth Orgel, James Byo and David Holland in order to earn my Bachelor in Music Education. While there, I participated in two of the concert band ensembles as well as the orchestra and opera pit orchestra. In addition, as part of my scholarships I was a member of the marching band at football games and the pep band at the school’s various inside sports teams. While at LSU I joined Kappa Kappa Psi which is a service fraternity for the band in order to better understand the workings of a top-class program. I also was able to work in the school’s instrument repair shop where I learned how to overhaul and repair instruments under the tutelage of Mark Vandermark. I will be teaching both Instrumental and Choral MYP Music to the Upper School students. I look forward to getting to know the students at SCIS Pudong and creating a wonderful musical experience for them.
  • Marin Dobson
    University of Wisconsin Madison
    HS Science and Physical Education
    Pudong Upper School
    Hello! I am Marin Dobson, Science and Physical Education teacher from Wisconsin in the United States. I have taught science at the middle and high school level for the past 15 years, while coaching basketball and volleyball as well. My journey has taken me from Wisconsin to both coasts of the US, Mexico City, Jakarta, and Hawaii. My wife Kate and our two boys are super excited about getting back into the international community and exploring the culture and experiences of China. My special interests include the microbial world of bacteria, anaerobic fermentation, and the works of David Foster Wallace.
  • Barry Johnson
    University of Missouri
    Upper School Technology Coordinator
    Pudong Upper School
    Greetings! My name is Barry Johnson, and I am excited to be part of the SCIS Pudong Upper School campus. Before moving to Shanghai, I spent 5 years teaching in the lush tropics of Sumatra, Indonesia where I taught music, mathematics to grades three and five, and technology, in addition to coaching teachers on effective integration of technology into their curriculum. I appreciate the personal and professional challenges that come with living and working abroad, and find the experience rewarding. Our family loves to explore new places and is thrilled at the opportunities that lie ahead in Shanghai and other areas of China. In a country teeming with history and culture, our camera and blog are sure to be busy! My free time consists of a variety of interests such as: reading, golfing, biking, running, and playing Ultimate Frisbee. I’m looking forward to an exiting year at SCIS and seeing what creative and innovative ideas our middle and high school students come up with!
  • Maja Kelly
    University of Belgrade
    Upper School Counselor
    Pudong Upper School
    Hello, 您好, Bonjour, Привет and Dobar dan! My name is Maja Kelly and I am delighted to be a part of the SCIS community. As the Upper School Counselor, I am excited to be working with young people during a very important time in their lives, helping them discover their passion, pursue their dreams and achieve their goals. I was born and raised in Belgrade, Serbia and for six wonderful years I worked as the Counselor, Learning Support Specialist, IB DP Psychology and Theory of Knowledge teacher at the International School of Belgrade. Both my Bachelor's and Master's Degrees are in Psychology and I hold counseling and psychotherapy licenses from the European Association for Counseling and the European Association for Psychotherapy. My husband Bart and I are thrilled to be a part of this vibrant, cosmopolitan city, learn more about Chinese culture and explore this fascinating part of the world. I love learning new languages and have a passion for history, ethics, philosophy, literature, photography, old movies and jazz. My biggest passion, however, is my work, and I feel very fortunate to have the opportunity to do what I love in this warm, diverse and internationally-minded community.
  • William Kern
    Minnesota State University Moorhead
    Upper School Student Support Specialist
    Pudong Upper School
    Hello! My name is William Kern and I am excited to be working with the young children of SCIS. My wife will be joining me in Shanghai as a music teacher at the Hongqiao ECE campus. I am originally from Green River, Wyoming. Before coming to SCIS, I worked as a middle school learning resources teacher in Moscow, Russia for five years. While in Russia, I also got a taste for coaching and won multiple middle school championships in basketball and softball. Outside of school, I enjoy playing a variety of sports including golf, basketball, and softball.
  • Andres Lopez
    University of Salamanca
    IB French & Spanish, French & Spanish Grades 6-8
    Pudong Upper School
    I am so happy to start a new adventure and work in Shanghai. Starting again never gets old. I did Spanish with French studies at university and I teach both subjects at SCIS. I graduated (MA) in Filología Hispánica at the University of Salamanca, Spain and I immediately took off after that. I have spent the last twenty years around the world. I am originally from Spain, from the Basque region (between Spain and France). I have taught mainly in Edinburgh, Somerset, Cambridge, London, Peru and Vietnam and I have also travelled in more than forty countries. I am a mindfulness teacher who enjoys long hours basking in urban cafés. I am very happy, easy going and I have great fun in class.
  • Erin Lu
    Shanghai International Studies University
    Mandarin teacher/IB Chinese A teacher
    Pudong Upper School
    Hi, My name is Erin, I have been teaching Mandarin at SCIS since the year of 2012, I am teaching IB Chinese A literature as well. I have earned my master degree of Teaching Chinese to Other Language Speakers in 2011 in Shanghai International Studies University(SISU). Before I come to SCIS, I had been teaching Chinese to foreigners in SISU for more than two years. I'm glad to be a part of this outstanding teacher team in SCIS, also students here are so lovely,friendly,and well educated.
  • Martin Mavec
    Buffalo State University
    Science Grades 6, 7, & 8
    Pudong Upper School
    I’m so excited to be working at SCIS! I have been teaching Middle School Science for fifteen years mostly in the international setting. Prior to SCIS, I taught in the Philippines for three years, in Thailand for three years, and in Mexico for three years. My first teacher experience was in Colorado, USA where I taught Science and Social Studies for four years. I have a passion for education and love to share my scientific knowledge with others. I like the hands-on, minds-on, scientific inquiry approach to learning where my students gain an appreciation of the importance of science for understanding the world around them as well as how it contributes to their lives. Besides being an educator, I have a passion for fitness and coaching. At SCIS, I coach MS rugby and soccer and lead fitness and conditioning sessions with numerous sports team. Outside of school, my passion is traveling, reading, biking, running, CrossFit, learning new languages and experiencing new cultures. I look forward to another great year at SCIS and continue to be a part of this outstanding learning community!
  • Daisy Mi
    Bo Hai University
    Upper School Mandarin Coordinator
    Pudong Upper School
    Ni Hao, everyone! I am Daisy Mi and I am a Mandarin teacher as well as coordinator at Pudong Upper School campus. I have been part of the SCIS family since 2007. Prior to that I taught in a local school and a Taiwanese school after graduating with my degree in education in 2005. I have the pleasure of leading the Mandarin program and I feel proud of promoting this beautiful language to students from every corner of the world. Teaching Mandarin also provides the perfect opportunity to share my passion with those around me. SCIS has already become part of my life as a big family, I feel honored to be working here and I am thrilled to be a member of such a wonderful community.
  • Trevor Mrak
    University of Victoria
    IB Psychology and Grade 9 Geography
    Pudong Upper School
    This is my 3rd year as a Dragon and my 7th year in China! After spending four years teaching at an international school in Northeast China, I moved to Shanghai to join the Social Studies department at SCIS Pudong. I’m looking forward to all the changes and excitement with having the lower school join us at the Hengqiao Road campus. I’m back to my teaching role in IB Psychology, Theory of Knowledge, and Geography 9, as well as coach of the Varsity Boys Volleyball team. To add to the busyness of the school year, I’ll be starting an MA in Environmental Practice (and sustainability) in September to complement my Geography classes, and will be continuing my role as Roots & Shoots coordinator. The planning for my 2016 wedding will also be on the list, but I’ll likely defer most of that fun to my awesome partner in crime. Looking forward to another great year in green as a Dragon!
  • Monica Murphy
    Upper School & IB Language and Literature
    Pudong Upper School
    Originally from the west coast of Canada, I've been living and teaching in China since 2009, and I love the challenges and adventures of ex-pat life! My academic background is in classical Liberal Arts, Education, and English, with a focus on Victorian literature and culture. I'm very excited to be teaching IB English A and B at SCIS and participating in its vibrant school culture. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, running, playing piano, cooking, hiking, and scuba-diving, and of course traveling as much as I can.
  • Garret Newell
    University of California
    Math Teacher
    Pudong Upper School
    Hello! My name is Garret Newell and I hail from the beautiful state of California. Before moving to Shanghai in the summer of 2008, I taught in California's public schools for three years. Through my tenures there and now here at SCIS, I've been able to teach just about every high school math class one could imagine from basic Algebra and Geometry to AP Calculus and now of course Higher Level Mathematics in the IB. I love teaching mathematics because I enjoy presenting concepts to my students that explain the natural world around us. Everyday presents a new challenge and to me, thats what its all about! When I'm not teaching or coaching soccer I typically spend my time playing soccer myself, playing a little guitar or enjoying the outdoors. I'm happy with the opportunities my time here in Shanghai has afforded me and I'm excited to see what adventure comes next!
  • Dave O'Reilly
    Northeastern University
    Economics and Humanities
    Pudong Upper School
    Originally from Dublin, Ireland, I've worked at SCIS since 2012 and moving to Shanghai was a little bit like returning home for me. I spent most of my childhood growing up in different parts of Asia, from Bahrain to Malaysia to China, attending international schools just like SCIS. I eventually ended up in the United States for university, where I spent five years in Boston, MA. I’m a big sports fan, especially of soccer and basketball, both of which I enjoy playing and coaching. I also love traveling and listening to all sorts of music. I am fortunate enough to have one of the more unique teaching combinations at SCIS: IB Film and IB Economics. They are both extremely exciting and rewarding courses. Whether or not you are lucky enough to take Film and/or Economics, I look forward to meeting and working with you all.
  • Luke Scholtes
    La Trobe University
    IB Chemistry & HS Science
    Pudong Upper School
    Hi, I’m Luke Scholtes. I’m originally from a town called Bendigo in regional Victoria, Australia but I’ve been living in Melbourne for the last six years. After graduating with a degree in Applied Sciences in 2004, I worked as a laboratory technician for a mining company. Before long, I decided that I wanted a career that was more interpersonal and teaching seemed the obvious choice. I received a diploma of education from La Trobe University in 2009 and haven’t looked back since. I now have six years of experience teaching Chemistry and Science at a high school in Melbourne and I am very excited about the next phase in my career working for SCIS!
  • Steven Sgourdos
    University of Northern Colorado; Colorado School of Mines
    Social Studies
    Pudong Upper School
    Γεια σας!!! My name is Steven Sgourdos, and I am very excited about joining the SCIS community, and teaching social studies at the Pudong Upper School campus. I am also thrilled about living and teaching in China for the first time, and appreciative at the opportunity to be part of such a wonderful school community. I am originally from Athens, Greece, however moved to the USA when I was 9. I try to return to Greece every summer to visit family, and enjoy the country's many beaches, and crystal clear waters. Prior to arriving at SCIS, I taught social studies for five years in Colorado. My aim as an educator is not to merely teach, but to educate. I believe that a student's thirst for knowledge is far more vital than any theory or method they learn in the classroom. Years later, when I ask students what they learned, I want them to respond "how to think." I hold a BA in history from the University of Northern Colorado, and a MSc in international political economics from the Colorado School of Mines.