• Lucy Xiang
    Zhejiang Normal University
    Mandarin Teacher
    Hangzhou International School
    Hello, my name is Lucy, and I'm so excited to be a mandarin teacher at HIS. In my 5th school year here, I truly enjoy working with all the Dragons. The 1st mandarin class that I taught was in the university--an experience that I will remember forever. And there's a saying in China, working happiness is only true when you find out the career you love. I'd been working as a teacher first, then a global company supervisor, immigration specialist , and finally the most important, back to being a mandarin teacher. I cherish this opportunity and look forward to the coming future.
  • Cindy Xu-Chernoff
    Zhejiang University of Technology
    Mandarin Teacher - Grade Pre K to Grade 4
    Hangzhou International School
    Warm greetings to all! I am very excited for the upcoming school year. To those of you who are unfamiliar with me, my English name is Cindy Xu-Chernoff and my Chinese name is Xu Honghua. I am a Hangzhou native and absolutely love my hometown. I earned my Bachelor’s Degree from Zhejiang University of Technology in 2008. The following year, I obtained my Teacher’s Degree and moved to Nanjing. I spent three years teaching at an international school in Nanjing before moving back to Hangzhou last year. I am proud to say that this will be my fourth year as a Mandarin teacher in Hangzhou International School. In my free time, I enjoy a variety of activities such as cooking, shopping, dancing, doing yoga, going swimming, and cross-country skiing. I am a sincere, kind, and friendly person, and I welcome the challenges and experiences that each day brings. It is my genuine belief that having a positive and optimistic attitude enables each of us to grow and to learn. Expanding my horizons has always played an inspirational role in my life. It is the essence by which I hope to influence each and every student with. I am looking forward to offering the very best I can, while growing and learning with all of you!
  • Dalyce Yanisiew
    York University
    Kindergarten Teacher
    Hongqiao Early Child Education Campus
    Greetings SCIS Community! My name is Dalyce Yanisiew and I am thrilled to join the Kindergarten team this year. Although my home country is Canada, I have arrived to Shanghai from an international IB school in Dubai, UAE where I was teaching in the Kindergarten division for the past two years. Prior to Dubai, I was living and teaching near Toronto, Canada. I was lucky enough to remain at the same elementary school for seven years and gain a wealth of experience teaching a variety of ages and specialties including Kindergarten, Grade 4, Health & Physical Education and Core French. My passion is fitness so you will often find me participating in or coaching a variety of fitness activities both in and out of the classroom. In addition, I love to travel and explore new places. I look forward to exploring all of the exciting things Shanghai has to offer and being a part of the SCIS Community this year!
  • Daisy Ye
    Shanghai University
    Mandarin Teacher
    Nǐ hǎo! I’m Daisy Ye. I am a native Chinese speaker from Shanghai, China. I hold a bachelor degree in Chinese Literature from Shanghai University and a Master degree in Teaching Chinese as Second Language from East China Normal University. I have had the pleasure of being part of the SCIS Pudong family since 2007 and feel very fortunate to work with so many talented teachers and students. I teach Mandarin to Grade 1 to Grade 5 students. During weekends, I like to spend time with my four-year-old daughter to explore Shanghai and our home. So, let’s explore the FUN of learning Mandarin here in SCIS!
  • Jacqueline (Ms. Jackie) Yeh
    University of Phoenix Master in Education
    Grade 3 Teacher
    Hangzhou International School
    Hello! My name is Jacqueline, and this is my third year teaching the Pre-K class here at HIS. Our family is so happy to be amongst the HIS’ thriving community. In previous schools I have taught 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade. This will be my 19th year as an educator. Before I arrived in this beautiful city, I taught in Bangkok, Taiwan, Vietnam, and in the States. Outside of school, I enjoy watching movies, traveling, reading, listening to my 80’s rock songs, and spending quality time with family. I have a daughter named Kylie who is in the 7th grade this year. I am so excited to have a new batch of curious Pre-K pupils. My philosophy is to instill a love of learning into my students’ insightful minds. I’m looking forward to another fantastic year at HIS !
  • Claire Ying
    Zhejiang University, University of Hong Kong
    Upper School Mandarin Teacher
    Hangzhou International School
    Hello, my name is Claire Ying, I am a native of Hangzhou but have recently returned from living in Hong Kong. I obtained my Bachelor of Arts from Zhejiang University, where I majored in Chinese Language and Literature. After university, I gained practical working experience as a newspaper and magazine editor, before returning to university for a Master’s Degree. I chose to attend Hong Kong University to complete a Masters in Education, and gained my first experience with the IB program. I worked for some time as an IB Chinese teacher in Hong Kong, where I taught and worked with students on personal projects. Outside of school, I enjoy reading, writing, cooking and traveling, etc. I am really excited to join the HIS community this year and keep my passion for education. I am looking forward to the new school year and offer my best to HIS. Go Dragons!
  • David Young
    Florida Atlantic University
    Grade 2 Teacher
    Hangzhou International School
    Initially, I am from Bloomington, Indiana, USA, home of Indiana University. From there, I spent most of my childhood along the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in Florida. In 2011, I moved to the Philippines to fulfill a dream of mine... teaching internationally! It has been amazing to live, travel and work in other countries. While in the Philippines, I witnessed and shared some priceless moments with the local community in volunteer and community outreach situations. Helping others in need is a passion of mine. Following the end of the school year, I am usually off to America to visit family and friends, staying active, surfing every opportunity that arises, working out, visiting national parks, museums, galleries and reading about history. Truly, I wish there were more hours in a day as there is so much to see and experience on planet Earth. Working and living in culturally, socially and economically diverse societies is incredibly rewarding for me, dating back to my student teaching days, when I taught in Title 1 schools in America to living in traditional Filipino neighborhoods. It is one thing to read about places in a book, watch a documentary or Google it and another completely to live and work in societies that are outside your comfort zone. Inside the classroom, planet Earth and beyond, my teaching philosophy is to create a safe and comfortable learning environment, where everyone is a teacher and a student. Truly, I learn as much from the students, as they learn from me.
  • Christie YoungSmith
    Stanford University
    Grade 3 Teacher
    Hongqiao Lower School
    I am so excited to be back in Asia to teach Grade 3 this year! I taught in Hong Kong previously - and returned home to the U.S.A. to pursue my Master of Education at Stanford University. I have a passion for teaching through inquiry, and look forward to bringing Stanford's educational practices to my students this year - in addition to SCIS's fantastic PYP practices. Beyond classroom teaching, I also love to visit museums! I used to work in museum education, and think that visiting museums, having hands-on experiences, and of course traveling are amazing ways to fuel kids' curiosities and help them enjoy learning. I look forward to a great year in Shanghai!
  • Beverley Zerr
    Queensland University of Technology
    Grade 4 Teacher
    Pudong Lower School
    Hello SCIS community! It is a pleasure to begin my international teaching career at such a warm, welcoming and high achieving school as SCIS. The place I call home, my birthplace, is the prairie province of Saskatchewan in Canada however for the last 20 years I have worked, created a family and taught in Australia. My teaching career began in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in 2003 after I earned my two bachelor’s degrees (Education and Creative Industry) with first class honors. My teaching experiences have included both middle and secondary grade levels that eventually evolved into directing as head of department in the Arts subjects at Bundamba State Secondary College, Australia from 2008 to 2015. Living in Shanghai now I am very delighted to begin a new professional phase facilitating excellence to a multilingual elementary student body. I believe that my students will develop self-empowerment through progressively building knowledge with a collaborative student focused curriculum which stimulates higher order thinking through inquiry and critical reflection in order for them to reach academic, emotional and spiritual maturity. My altruistic goal as facilitator is to create in my students a positive attitude around learning in order to motivate them into becoming great future global leaders.
  • Yoyo Zhang
    ZheJiang Normal University/Newcastle University, UK
    Upper School Mandarin Teacher
    Hangzhou International School
    Hi, I’m Yoyo Zhang. I was born and raised in a small town in HeiLongJiang Province, the most northeast part of China. As it’s on the border with Russia, I spent most of my childhood time with Russian schoolmates. I received my B.A. in Teaching Mandarin as a Second Language from ZheJiang Normal University, and M.A. in Education International Perspectives from Newcastle University, UK. After I graduated from Newcastle, I worked in London for one year. Then I moved back and taught freshmen in ZheJiang Normal University. I love teaching Mandarin language because I enjoy presenting links to my students that explain the culture and language around us and see they make progress every day. I am pleased to be part of the dynamic community here at HIS. Go Dragons! I enjoy reading, hiking, traveling and trying new things.
  • Linda Zhang
    Broadcast and Television University
    Mandarin Teacher
    Pudong Lower School
    My name is Linda Zhang and I am a Mandarin teacher at the SCIS Pudong campus. I've been teaching for almost 20 years, and have experience at local and international schools. I love education and appreciate the opportunity to meet so many wonderful children, and work in such a great environment. I enjoy watching a child grow from I can't do this" to "I can", from "I don't know" to "I want to learn". And along with the students, I am growing too. Making every child feel that the teacher appreciates and loves him/her is what I hope to accomplish. Have a great year.
  • Lily Zhou
    Zhejiang University
    Mandarin Coordinator
    Hangzhou International School
    I'm Lily Zhou, I am the Mandarin Coordinator of HIS. I teach AP Mandarin at HIS, and I also teach Lower and Upper Mandarin classes for all levels. I graduated from Zhejiang University, and did an exchange in Switzerland for International Education. I've been teaching Mandarin as a second language for over 10 years for both children and adults aged from 3 to 60. I taught AP Chinese at HIS for six years, and more than 95% of my AP students scored a 5 which is the top score on this test. I'm so proud of my students and HIS! I'm very pleased to be part of the SCIS community. I'm looking forward to having a great and productive school year with all my students and fellow teachers.
  • Juliana Zhu
    East China Normal University
    IB Mandarin Teacher
    Hongqiao Upper School
    Hi, My name is Juliana Zhu, and I am from Hangzhou. I graduated as a B.A. of Chinese Language and Literature from East China Normal University (ECNU), and then continued M.A. with a major in Comparative Literature in ECNU. I started to work in SCIS since 2007. The experience in SCIS provides me with the confidence and practice in teaching skills, curriculum working, classroom management skills, and especially the IB experience. I taught IB Chinese A2 HL and SL and guided the extend essay in 2010. I started to teach IB Chinese Literature in 2011, and now I am teaching both Chinese Literature and Chinese Ab Initio classes. During the past 7 years at SCIS, I have taught different level students from Beginner to Native and different grade students from lower school to high school. It has helped me to have a better view of teaching. Besides the formal teaching experience in SCIS, I also have a rich experience in teaching middle and high school students in language schools and tutor work before I joined SCIS. After I joined in SCIS, I kept learning and attended in SUNY (University at Buffalo, the state university of New York) master program. I have also gained a lot of useful and practical instructional knowledge and skills from there. I always like to keep myself prepared and learn new knowledge on teaching skills. One thing I know is that I’m enjoying and good at being a teacher.
  • Dan Zimmerman
    Lower School Librarian
    Hongqiao Lower School
    Hi, My name is Dan Zimmerman and this will be my 11th year with the SCIS schools. I was born in Nashville, Tennessee, but I have spend almost all of my life in the greater China area in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Hangzhou, and now Shanghai. I have a bachelors degree in International Relation from Middle Tennessee State University, a Post Graduate Diploma in Education from University of Hong Kong, and a Masters Degree from SUNY Buffalo. In my time at SCIS I have taught beginners Mandarin, Preschool, Kindergarten, Grade 5, and now find myself with the great fortune of being the Lower School Librarian. I live here with my wife, Hellen and our daughter, Anastasia, who loves being an SCIS Dragon just as much as I do!
  • Aurora Zosman
    Florida International University
    Pre-Kindergarten Teacher
    Hongqiao Early Child Education Campus
    My name is Aurora Zosman and I excitedly joined SCIS-HIS in 2015 as a Pre-Kindergarten teacher. I am a learner, a dreamer, and a creator who believes in the vastness of human potential. I grew up in Miami where I received my Bachelor’s degree in Cultural Anthropology and Sociology at Florida International University, as well as my Lower Elementary Montessori certification. Prior to moving to Shanghai, I taught First, Second, and Third Grade at schools in both California and Florida. My hope as an educator is to instill a love of learning in my students, as I share my own passion for learning with them. The type of educational environment I create promotes active engagement, motivation, and independence, and develops creativity. I strive to strike their imagination and allow their curiosity to lead them on a path of discovery in constructing their knowledge. Each day provides a new beginning, and a new opportunity for me to make a difference in a child’s life; it is a great responsibility, and it is one that I am truly lucky and glad to have. I am a lover of many things and I seek engaging in any and all foreign experiences, for I feel experience is the greatest teacher of all. I live for constant exploration and adventure, and fulfill this through travelling the world, reading, writing, and keeping an open mind and heart in all that I do. I am also an eclectic music lover who enjoys dancing, inner space [the oceans], stargazing and the infinite possibilities of the unknown. I look forward to an amazing year at the ECE campus here in Shanghai!